Ultimate Guide To Vibrato

Master the most overlooked yet important technique in your guitar playing

Develop a 3 dimensional, expressive sound that has that singing quality to it in Steve Stine's Ultimate Guide To Vibrato

Your Complete Guide On How To Bring That Missing Element Into Your Solos

If you're just starting out with lead guitar or if you've played lead for a while now but your solo's aren't sounding up to scratch then you need to check this out...

With Steve Stine's Ultimate Guide to Vibrato, you will master all types of vibrato and find your own personal style to develop a 3 dimensional sound to your guitar playing.
By getting an awesome vibrato you can turn old boring solo's into gut-wrenching crowd stoppers.


In Ultimate Guide to Vibrato, Steve will give you the tools to develop one of the most important guitar techniques you can learn- killer vibrato.  Good vibrato will bring your solos to life and boost your confidence in your lead guitar playing.

Here's a list of some of the things you'll learn in the course:

  • Why learning how to play vibrato is essential to make your solos sound natural and life like
  • How to add the "human element" to your solos and what that means to your overall playing
  • Understanding how the fingers, the wrist and the arm come together to create effective vibrato
  • One special "door knob" technique so you can play vibrato easily and with more control
  • Important differences between bends and vibrato that every serious guitarist needs to know

Watch this video where Steve highlights all the great things you will learn in Ultimate Guide to Vibrato

Check out this awesome mini course that Steve put together for Ultimate Guide to Vibrato


Add Life To Your Solos

Check out this awesome lessons as Steve shows you the in's and out's and crucial techniques to give your solo's a more 'human' touch so they can really tug at some heart strings.


The Secret To Subtle Vibrato

in video 1 we talked a bit about the 'vertical' vibrato and went through step-by-step on it's mechanics and how to play it.

In this second video we're going to take a close look at a second type of vibrato that's a little more subtle but effective in it's own right.


Whammy Bar Techniques For Awesome Vibrato

In this promo lesson, Steve shows you how to incorporate the whammy bar in to your vibrato.

A whammy bar can be create some really unique and effective vibrato that you won't hear usually.

Now, if you don't have a whammy bar it still might be worth your while to check this out and see if it's something you might want to invest in.




Here is a bonus preview video exclusive to SteveStine.com.  In this bonus preview of Ultimate Guide to Vibrato, Steve discusses yet another type of vibrato called Circular Vibrato in the style of players like Steve Vai.  He also offers some advice on how to best control your vibrato for a great sound every time.

The Best Guitar Instruction Available

With mega selling courses such as 80's Guitar Soloing Masterclass, SoloFire, Music Theory Made Easy and 42 Days To Blazing Guitar Solos, Steve Stine continues to be the #1 guitar teacher on the internet.

Steve has taught private, group, and online guitar instruction for over 23 years to literally thousands of students. Many of his students attend colleges nationwide to study music and play in bands, notably, Shannon Curfman, who performs with Kid Rock.

No other guitar teacher has covered this very important guitar technique in such depth as Steve has in Ultimate Guide to Vibrato.  This course will completely change the way you play guitar and bring a depth and life to your playing.  Be sure to pick up your copy TODAY. 


Here are some of the key topic that Steve will teach you in Ultimate Guide to Vibrato

  • The Importance of Vibrato

    In this section Steve discusses the fundamental techniques to getting great vibrato.  You’ll learn how the fingers, wrist and arm work together to create good vibrato.  Steve will show you the important differences between bends and vibrato.  You will also learn what to avoid when practicing vibrato.

  • Vertical Vibrato

    In this section Steve will show you how to control the width and speed of your vibrato.  You will also learn what the “Rock Vibrato” is and discover how to get vibrato with all of your fingers.  Steve will guide you through making sure you have the right position on the neck and give you exercises to practice.

  • Horizontal Vibrato

    In this section Steve discusses the more classical style horizontal vibrato and how it compares to sliding.  He’ll teach when it’s best to use this type of vibrato and how to avoid the biggest mistake players make when playing horizontal vibrato.  This style of vibrato was used by guitar greats such as George Lynch and Warren DeMartini

  • Circular Vibrato

    Steve will show you how to incorporate elements of horizontal and vertical vibrato to create a really cool technique called circular vibrato.  You will also learn to control the pitch of your vibrato and the key elements to never sounding out of tune.

  • Guitar Controlled Vibrato

    Learn all about the whammy bar and how to effectively incorporate it in to your guitar playing.  You’ll learn different tricks and movements to create a variety of types of vibrato with the whammy bar.  Steve will show you the best set up for your whammy bar to achieve good sounding vibrato.

  • Chordal Vibrato

    Steve will teach you how to add vibrato to an entire chord.  Steve shows you how to apply vibrato over 2, 3, 4 and even 6 strings in a barre style.  Learn how to effectively utilize consistent and inconsistent vibrato.  And finally, learn to add that human vocal quality to make your playing really stand out.

You can’t get better if you keep doing the same things over and over. This training will force you to get better. You will be way outside your comfort zone… and that’s when you make big breakthroughs in your playing.

This is the ONLY course of its kind that will help you develop a sound with your guitar that has a 3 dimensional, human quality to it instead of a stiff, robotic feel that so many young guitar players have.


Watch this video as Steve explains in detail what you will learn in Ultimate Guide to Vibrato

ultimate guide to vibrato logo dvdThis is once in a lifetime opportunity for you to develop the skills and techniques to make your guitar playing really stand out and feel real and alive.  Steve Stine is one of the most popular guitar teacher on the planet with some of the biggest selling guitar courses ever produced. If you want to take your guitar playing to a level you never dreamed possible, or if you want learn the secrets in breathing life in to your licks and riffs through creative and expressive vibrato, then this is THE opportunity for you.

YOU have a chance right now to separate yourself from those wannabe’s. Here is your opportunity to get a complete A-Z guide with everything your need from a master guitar teacher to start soloing with fealing and emotion.

Think of how many opportunities you’ve missed out on before. Imagine how good you would be right now if you had only taken those chances. Don’t let it happen again. This is THAT moment in your life where you wake up and start DOING things.

Dont miss out!!


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