Ultimate Guide To String Bending

Master The Key Element To Being Expressive On The Guitar

Learn how to truly master the art of string bending

If you want to play and create powerful and emotional lead guitar lines and solos then having complete mastery of string bending is a must.

Creating that vocal like quality that is so unique to the guitar is an absolute must for lead guitar playing.

In the Ultimate Guide To String Bending, Steve will give you the tools to develop confidence in your lead guitar playing and create those powerful and expressive bends.

In the Ultimate Guide To String Bending, Steve will give you the tools to develop confidence in your lead guitar playing and create those powerful and expressive bends.

String bending doesn’t only sound awesome, it’s a MUST if you’re serious about taking your solo’s to the next level. Why?
Because nothing destroys a solo more than an off-pitch bend.

Good news is, Steve designed the ‘Ultimate Guide To String Bending’ to specifically help you overcome this barrier that turns away most beginner guitarists from becoming ‘serious’ players.

They tend to get overwhelmed by the difficulty.

With this course, Steve has broken everything down to a simple, step-by-step system that will get you bending like a pro in just a couple of hours.

You’ll learn some all the essentials plus some awesome bending techniques inspired by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Chuck Berry.


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If you want to play and create powerful, emotional lead guitar lines and solos then having a complete mastery of string bending is a must.  This is because Bending Creates A 'Singing' Sound On The Guitar.  Unlike the guitar, our voices aren't 'perfect'. It's very difficult to get a perfect pitch when you sing, whereas on the guitar, every string is tuned to the correct pitch and will rarely go off-tune (provided you tuned the guitar correctly, of course).

But it's this imperfect sound that gives singing the emotions to draw people in.

Now on the other hand, imagine if people sang every note at perfect pitch, it would sound robotic.

That's why we add bends to our solo's, to create this 'singing' sound. It's VERY difficult to go off-pitch with the guitar...Unless you're bending.

So, if you want to add more soul-stirring emotions to your solo's, bending is the key.

Check out these awesome promo videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn in Ultimate Guide To String Bending


In the first promo video from Ultimate Guide To String Bending, Steve will show you step-by-step how to perform a basic bend using a little technique I call the 'Door Knob' technique.

This technique will not only give you a lot more power in your bends but more stability too, so make sure you watch it and practice!

If you haven't done any string bending before, don't worry, Steve will break it down for you (you'll also be able to see all the action from multiple angles), so you can start playing some bends right away.

PS: The video might seem to cut off a little short... Be sure to watch the 2nd preview video below.


The Half-Step Bend has a BEAUTIFUL sound that can be easily mixed into your solo's to create some nice exotic sounds.

While it's not as flashy as some of the other bends you're going to learn, it still has a lot of practical applications, and because it's not as showy, you can use it as a kind of secret weapon to give your solo's that interesting twist that people can't quite put a finger on.

Just knowing how to play bends isn't good enough.
Even if you effectively master all the different kinds of bends out there, it still doesn't mean anything if you don't understand how to put it all together.
This video will cover just that and will hopefully give you a better idea on how everything comes together during a solo.
Once you master this cranking out awe-inspiring solo's will be a piece of cake.

The Best Guitar Instruction Available

With mega selling courses such as 80's Guitar Soloing Masterclass, SoloFire, Music Theory Made Easy and 42 Days To Blazing Guitar Solos, Steve Stine continues to be the #1 guitar teacher on the internet.

Steve has taught private, group, and online guitar instruction for over 23 years to literally thousands of students. Many of his students attend colleges nationwide to study music and play in bands, notably, Shannon Curfman, who performs with Kid Rock.

Ultimate Guide to String Bending will completely change the way you solo on the guitar and give you a whole new confidence!  Be sure to pick up your copy TODAY. 


Here are some of the key topic that Steve will teach you in Ultimate Guide To String Bending

  • Execute Awesome Bends

    You will learn things like how to maintain string control, the correct finger for a bend and how the door knob technique is essential to awesome sounding bends.

  • The Whole Step Bend

    Find out how to execute a whole step bend properly, why ear training is critical and how to add vibrato to your bends

  • Other Components of the Guitar

    Use the pentatonic scale in your bends, discover anchor, unison and harmony bends and finally set up the action on your guitar for optimal bending.

  • Double Stop Bending

    Discover how to playing travel unison bends, find out what the train whistle trick is and explore the cool Chuck Berry approach to bending.

  • Repetitive Bending

    Create licks and patterns with bends, learn cool exercises to practice bending and learn what a walking unison.

  • Other Cool Techniques

    Learn about bends in the King’s box, multi string bends like SRV and string rakes to give your bends a HUGE sound

You can’t get better if you keep doing the same things over and over. This training will force you to get better. You will be way outside your comfort zone… and that’s when you make big breakthroughs in your playing.

This is the ONLY course that builds a complete set of skills for bending techniques from the ground up

We tend to regret the things we do in the short-term. But we regret the things we did NOT do in the long-term… a lot more!

Watch this video as Steve explains in detail what you will learn in Ultimate Guide To String Bending

Ultimate Guide To String Bending boxThis is once in a lifetime opportunity for you to interact personally with one of the top guitar-instructors on the planet. Steve is STOKED about getting started and he’s looking forward to working with you. If you want to take your guitar playing to a level you never dreamed possible, or if you want learn the secrets in creating killer guitar riffs in a variety of styles and genres, then this is THE opportunity for you.

YOU have a chance right now to separate yourself from those wannabe’s. Not only do you have a complete A-Z guide with everything your need to start bending from an instructor who not only knows his stuff, but knows how to teach them.

Think of how many opportunities you’ve missed out on before. Imagine how good you would be right now if you had only taken those chances. Don’t let it happen again. This is THAT moment in your life where you wake up and start DOING things.

Dont miss out!!


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