Learn The Secrets To Creating Killer Guitar Riffs

THE Course You've Been Waiting For

Learn the secrets behind how iconic sounding riffs in a variety of genres are created.

In addition to learning what goes in to creating killer riffs, Steve will walk you through the process of writing your own riffs as you create and jam along with him.

Thunder Rock Riffs, takes you thru the riff writing process of so many different styles and genres, and teaches the essential secrets to writing a successful riff, so jump on board and let's get writing!

Steve Stine continues to create innovative, fun guitar courses that will challenge and motivate you to take your guitar playing to new levels.

In Thunder Rock Riffs, Steve teaches you the secrets to creating massive guitar riffs across a wide variety of musical styles and genres.

You will learn to create your own guitar riffs in the styles of your favorite songs and genres.  Steve exposes the secrets of what is behind the styles of some of the most iconic guitar riffs and builds them from the ground up.

Along the way, you have the opportunity to create your riffs as Steve provides backing tracks for you to apply these concepts to your own playing.  He walks you through each step so you have the chance to be creative and develop your own killer guitar riffs.

There is no other course out there that reveals what goes in to creating killer guitar riffs in a variety of musical genres such as

  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Punk
  • 80's Metal
  • Ballads
  • Acoustic
  • much more...

Steve provides a combination of recorded video, tab and jam tracks to teach you how to play AND CREATE awesome guitar riffs just like your favorite guitar players.


Check out these awesome promo videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn in Thunder Rock Riffs


In the first promo video from Thunder Rock Riffs Steve shows you how to create a killer 70's style hard rock riff.  Steve also lays down a bass line so you can play along or write your own riff based on the tricks and techniques discussed.

Click the button below to download the FREE tab and jam track that goes with the video lesson.


In this video, we are going to tweak some subtle elements to your riff to make it more powerful (think of the last time you heard a solo that really got your blood pumping)

The goal here is to learn how "doubling" a part can really bring out the power by "thickening" the sound. Also, the element of a palm muting guitar part can really drive the groove.

In this video, the goal is to create a single note “melody” to really enhance our riff and make it ear-catching.


The goal is to make something that is rhythmic, melodic, and dynamic. Have fun learning my lead idea, then see what you can do to make your own

The Best Guitar Instruction Available

With mega selling courses such as SoloFire, Music Theory Made Easy and 42 Days To Blazing Guitar Solos, Steve Stine continues to be the #1 guitar teacher on the internet.

Steve has taught private, group, and online guitar instruction for over 23 years to literally thousands of students. Many of his students attend colleges nationwide to study music and play in bands, notably, Shannon Curfman, who performs with Kid Rock.

Thunder Rock Riffs is the only course of it's kind and is expected to sell out FAST!  Be sure to pick up your copy TODAY so you can learn to create your own killer rock riffs!


Here are some of the key topic that Steve will teach you in Thunder Rock Riffs

  • Create bone crushing riffs

    You will be able to pick up the guitar and play riffs in a variety of styles and create your own on the fly

  • Gain freedom in your playing

    You’ll understand chord-structures, riff melodies and chordal-fragments..

  • Essential Tools

    You will learn the 6 essential tools you must have to write your own riffs

  • Critical techniques

    Discover the critical techniques and innovations that allowed 1980’s rockers to create the hall-of-fame songs all based on easy-to-play riffs…

  • Riff stacking

    Learn The rock-and-roll “layering” concept and how you can stack riffs like a 7-layer cake…

  • I-IV-V isnt just for the Bues

    Learn how punk guitarists “borrowed” the classic I-IV-V blues and morphed it into head-bangin’ fun…

What's Included With Your Registration to the Thunder Rock Riffs Masterclass

6 Week Course

Thunder Rock Riffs is 6 Weeks of lessons from Steve Stine where you will learn the secrets of creating killer riffs.  Check out a summary of the schedule below

Personal Help

Personal Help from Steve: A special email address that comes directly to Steve so you can ask me questions during the course…

Exclusive Group

A private Facebook group so you can interact with Steve personally as well as the other masterclass members...

Live Video Sessions

Two 1-hour live video-sessions on Saturday mornings where you’ll be able to speak directly with Steve and he will help you in any way he can…

Lesson Recordings

Recording of all of the material so you’ll have them for life

Lifetime Access

You will get Lifetime access to all the videos inside the members website...

Lesson Materials

Complete tab out everything for you so you can easily follow along... .

Jam Tracks

Get all of the jam tracks used throughout the lessons so you can play along and further develop the concepts discussed with the feeling of a real band behind you.

Here is a week by week summary of what you will learn in Thunder Rock Riffs

Week 1- Introduction to what a riff is

  • Proper use of variation and space
  • Knowing your options
  • Breaking chords in to fragments

Week 2- Dawn of the hard rock and metal riff

  • How melody is created
  • Advanced palm muting
  • The horizontal concept

Week 3- Pop, Punk and Funk

  • Keeping the I-IV-V
  • Ramones style
  • Beach Boys influence

Week 4- Movable Chord Riffs

  • Song study of Extreme's Hole Hearted
  • Movement within chords
  • Lift barre chord techniques

Week 5- 70's Style Riffs

  • Open string palm muting
  • Adding single notes and bends
  • Finger options

Week 6- 80's Style Riffs

  • The live wire concept
  • Bass counter concepts
  • Rock n Roll layering

Watch this video as Steve explains in detail what you will learn in Thunder Rock Riffs

This is once in a lifetime opportunity for you to interact personally with one of the top guitar-instructors on the planet. Steve is STOKED about getting started and he’s looking forward to working with you. If you want to take your guitar playing to a level you never dreamed possible, or if you want learn the secrets in creating killer guitar riffs in a variety of styles and genres, then this is THE opportunity for you.

But class size is limited. And we will be removing the registration page once we reach a number students that Steve believes he can help without being overwhelmed.

Dont miss out!!


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