Steve Stine Shows You 1 Critical Pre-Practice Warm Up

Friend, when you want to play something on the guitar, sometimes your fingers might not work very well.

Today, Steve Stine is going to show you how to warm up your fingers, so you can play songs comfortably without getting tired.


When Steve Stine sits down to practice the guitar he ALWAYS warms up first.

He does some simple exercises before he starts his “real practice.”

Steve says-
“I start off slow, then build up speed until I can play like I want to.
I do this exercise year-round, but it’s especially important in winter…
It gets a little chilly up here in North Dakota this time of year…
And it’s hard to play with stiff fingers.

Click here to try my warm-up exercise…”

P.S. if you want to be able to play fast, you have to master alternate picking. Stay tuned, and tomorrow Steve will show you how…

P.P.S. If you only have a few minutes a day to practice, Steve has a brand new course that will show you what to work on to make FAST progress.

Watch this video to check out Ultimate Practice Routine.