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A Fast And Easy Method To Unlocking Killer Listening Skills That Turns The Average Guitarist Into A "Play By Ear" Guitarist

steve_stine_train_tracksSo, why has learning to play your favorite songs on guitar, quickly and easily, always been so difficult?

You see, when most folks try to learn to play their favorite songs on guitar they immediately start looking for the tab. Then they just dig their heels in and clench their teeth until they can play at least some of it.

Well, that's a great way to guarantee you never really learn how to play the songs you know and love. Or, at least, it will take you twice as long as it should have.

First, most of the free tab available online is wrong. It's done by well-meaning amateur guitarists who don't have the training to tab out complete songs note-for-note. Secondly, it doesn't show you how to play the rhythm.

And learning songs from tab just isn't natural. Think about it. When you learn a song that you can hum along with, how'd you learn it? By listening, of course. Not by reading the music or tab. Which makes sense, right? Because you're a musician. You learn by listening. Not reading.

In fact, when you look at the human brain, in weird way you already know how to play the songs you hear. Because your brain in an automatic song-learning machine.

You see, even though your brain has the ability to gobble up songs like a hungry dog, the ability to actually play the songs on guitar, requires a few more simple, but critical, steps.

You might be in a position right now where you are frustrated because you cant play guitar at a level you want.

....You can't play the songs you want.

....You're stuck playing the same old patterns, songs and licks.

....You feel like you're letting your band or yourself down.

....You feel like you're losing more and more motivation as each day goes by.

All of this drags the FUN right out of guitar.

Here's the thing though...

It's not YOU that's at fault...It's the approach you're using...

If you feel like you're stuck at your current level, it's not your lack of talent that's holding you back, it's your approach that's keep you there.


Here's What You Can Do To Change That

Steve Stine, who was Professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University, decided to take his more than 25 years of teaching and playing guitar to discover the secret of his most successful students and how they were able to learn songs fast even though they had been playing guitar a relatively short time.

The outcome was this...

An approach to Ear Training for Guitar that's "brushing your teeth" easy that will help you "crack the code" in your DNA that will allow you to play ANY song at ANY time, just by listening to it

Summing it up, according to Steve's research, in order to rapidly and easily play your favorite songs on guitar, you just need to do four things:

One, stimulate your brain's natural ability to produce the "feel good' chemical dopamine, you need to first put down your guitar and just listen. Don't even think about trying to play it until the core hooks of the song are deep in your mind, and you really feel that "surge" of emotion.

This is an absolutely critical step that most guitarists completely ignore. But it's crucial because dopamine is responsible for not only helping us recognize the reward of learning to play the song, but it also helps us take action to actually achieve the goal.

Two, you need to apply the memory strategy of chunking to organize the chords of a song into nice, easy-to-remember groups.

Three, you need to focus on the primary chords used in 95% of songs, and ignore the rest. Because even though there are an infinite number of possible chords, you just don't need to know hundreds of different chords to play your favorite songs.

Four, you need to apply the principle of prediction so you can visualize chord changes before they even happen.

...In less than 2-hours you'll have the knowledge and methods to start developing killer listening skills...

...In 14 days your friends and family will watch you in jaw-dropping amazement as you figure out entire songs just by listening


SongFire aka ‘Ear Training Made Easy' will allow you to burn through any licks, patterns or songs that once seemed impossible once you've unlocked the key to "playing by ear".

It starts from the ground up so don't worry if you've only been playing simple chords and looking up tabs up till now.

Steve has gathered all his experience as a professional guitarist and teacher and has taken the time to piece together all the different problems related to guitar rhythm to create an all-in-one course with all you need to start learning songs 200% faster...and write songs of your own.


Check out this awesome preview lesson that Steve put together and see what you will learn in SongFire

So Who's Steve Stine Anyway?

If you haven't heard of Steve before, just know that he's very well known at North Dakota State University and is a highly sought-after Professor of Modern Guitar.

Steve is a true rock guitar player and that is why he took so much time out of his busy schedule to help out with this training course...

Now, Steve has been playing and teaching guitar for over 25 years. He's played in dozens of bands touring the U.S. and the U.K. He's got a bachelors degree in music education. And he's the chief guitarist-in-residence at

His catalog of amazing guitar courses have sold thousands and thousands of copies worldwide and Steve has been called the #1 guitar teacher in the world

The bottom line?

Not Only Can Steve Play But He Can Teach

Which is a rare combination. And he has knack for explaining complicated stuff in a way that 5-year-old can easily understand.

This is your opportunity to learn 96 kick ass rock guitar licks from the most popular guitar teacher on the planet!

Here's How SongFire Will Help YOU

  • You'll be able to crank out soul-inspiring solo's that would otherwise sound boring and robotic
  • You'll approach guitar with a new perspective
  • You'll see the fretboard in a whole new way
  • You'll be a better overall musician because you'll be hearing things you've never noticed before
  • You'll be finally be able to play guitar with your very own style and flavor
  • You'll understand the play styles and techniques of guitar geniuses like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton
  • You'll understand the playing styles and techniques of Rock legends like George Lynch and John Petrucci and how to apply them to your playing immediately
  • You'll understand what you're playing, and why it works

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Learn in SongFire

Module 1

  • The most popular chord progression and how to play it so you'll know how to play hundreds of songs just by learning this
  • How to figure out the order of chords being playing in some simple songs
  • How to know when a chord change is coming just by listening to the feeling of a song and it's chord progression
  • Essential basic theory you need to know so you can develop your listening skills faster and more effectively
  • Essential music vocabulary so you know what you're talking about when playing with others or learning from teachers or videos
  • 2 great songs to work on to develop your ear for music

Module 2

  • How you can play essentially thousands of Blues songs just by knowing this one chord progression (ie. Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly)
  • Why you'll be able to play most folk and country music and early rock n' roll just by knowing your I-IV-V chord progression
  • The one chord progression that will unlock thousands of pop songs for you to play
  • Great songs to start with when trying to figure out songs (ie. Neil Young, Bob Dylan)
  • How to start identifying different parts of a song (verse, bridge, chorus)
  • One sample song that's broken down and analyzed, step-by-step, so you know exactly how to figure out a song on your own

Module 3

  • Super shortcut to figuring out root, 4th and 5th chords easily
  • Why you don't need to spend hours and hours practicing to get good fast
  • Visualization vs. Theory, how to visualize your whole fretboard according the basic music theory
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when practicing that will make you 200% more efficient
  • One fast and easy shortcut to memorizing all 12 notes in the chromatic scale
  • What the dots on the side of your fretboard mean and how you can use them to speed up your ear training

Pick Up Your Copy of SongFire TODAY

songf2-510x600Click the button below for more info on this amazing course from Steve Stine.  Steve is going to show you how you can finally have the knowledge and skills to learn songs effectively and efficiently. Is it really possible for any person to learn a song in any style in a short amount of time? It is possible if you know how, and Steve Stine provides the answers with “Songfire”. This course will make you a better, smarter and more creative guitar player who will have COMPLETE freedom to express whatever idea, emotion, story etc through your guitar and to your audience. No other guitar course out there teaches you the necessary skills to learn any song you want on your own and finally be free of bad tabluature, terrible YouTube videos and confusing song lessons. Through SongFire, Steve will give you the freedom on the guitar that you have always wanted. Click the button below to learn more about SongFire and take your guitar playing to a whole new level Find-Out-More-Button

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