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The Ultimate, Step-By-Step Guide To Ripping Mind-Bending Solos… Even If You’ve Never Played Lead Guitar

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Solofire is a 6 DVD or online course that will show you how to play lead guitar from the ground up, the right way.

It’s not for beginners.

But if you’re an intermediate player who has some chops. And you want to know the techniques and mindset of a real lead guitarist, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for.

This course is easy-to-use. So don’t worry if you’ve just started soloing.

All you have to do is start watching the course. And Steve Stine will guide you every step of the way. You’ll even have a progress tracker to check your progress as you go through the course.

This course covers blues and rock styles of lead guitar playing and most of the techniques are for electric guitar.

You don't need to know all the scales to use this course. You’ll pick them up as you go along. Though most of the licks and phrases are based on pentatonic and blues scales.

More advanced licks combine pentatonic, major and minor scales. As well as modes.

But don’t worry. You won’t get bogged down in a bunch of theory mumbo-jumbo. Everything in this course is fun and exciting.

Now, you won’t learn solos from actual songs in this course. Instead, you’ll learn the lead guitar styles of the top guitarists of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Everything will be broken down step-by-step. So you’ll build your soloing chops fast. And never get lost. You’ll also plan and play a solo from start to finish. And find out how to think about solos like a pro guitarist.

Check out these awesome preview videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn in SoloFire

So Who's Steve Stine Anyway?

If you haven't heard of Steve before, just know that he's very well known at North Dakota State University and is a highly sought-after Professor of Modern Guitar. Steve is a true rock guitar player and that is why he took so much time out of his busy schedule to help out with this training course... Now, Steve has been playing and teaching guitar for over 25 years. He's played in dozens of bands touring the U.S. and the U.K. He's got a bachelors degree in music education. And he's the chief guitarist-in-residence at His catalog of amazing guitar courses have sold thousands and thousands of copies worldwide and Steve has been called the #1 guitar teacher in the world The bottom line?

Not Only Can Steve Play But He Can Teach

Which is a rare combination. And he has knack for explaining complicated stuff in a way that 5-year-old can easily understand.

This is your opportunity to learn 96 kick ass rock guitar licks from the most popular guitar teacher on the planet!

Here's How Solofire Will Help YOU

  • You'll have a whole new sense of freedom on the guitar
  • You'll finally have the ability to play what you want
  • Your playing will have confidence, fluidity, power and energy
  • Breakthrough the barrier in your learning and fall in love with guitar all over again
  • You'll be a better overall musician because you'll master the techniques, styles, devices and tricks that are needed to master lead guitar
  • You'll be able to grab your guitar and play eye-popping solos
  • You'll be finally be able to play THOSEl songs you've always avoided because you didn't think you were "good enough"

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Learn in Solofire


Module 1 is the foundation for everything you’ll learn in this course, including how to go deep into the mind of a lead guitarist. And how to “think” about the soloing process.

You’ll discover how to play solos from scratch. And tips and tricks on how to improvise.

You’ll also find out:

  • How to develop the critical skill of visualization. So you know where to solo before ever hitting a note.
  • 3 essential palm muting techniques. So you can play percussive licks that burn up the fretboard.
  • 2 must-know picking techniques. So you can play you favorite solos
  • The right and wrong way to use a guitar pick. So you can build picking spee
  • How to feel the “pocket” of a song. So you can keep up with the rhythm section.
  • 5 exercises to build hand and finger strength. So you can have more freedom in your movement and explore the fretboard.

Once you master these basic skills, everything else will just fall into place. Because the goal is to become a master lead guitarist who can play mind-numbing solos.



In Module 2, you’ll master soloing in the key of A minor. And find out how to play the pentatonic minor scale in all five positions.

You’ll also discover...

  • How to play the same licks in different places across the fretboard. So you can use them in any key.
  • Easy ways to make use of music theory. So you don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t help your playing.
  • Fun and exciting ways to practice each pentatonic shape. So they never get boring.
  • A simple mind-trick to visualize your fretboard. So you always know what to play next for your solo.
  • How to thread your ideas together to make a complete solo. So you don’t end up with solos that sound like a bunch of random licks put together.
  • The MML (melody, motion and licks) thought process that makes creating leads from scratch a slam-dunk.


In Module 3, you’ll focus on developing melodic lead guitar technique.

You’ll discover...

  • The two most critical techniques every serious guitarist needs to know. Bends and vibrato. So your solos can sing.
  • Proper hand placement for bends and vibrato. So you can stay in tune when using each technique.
  • How just one simple lick can be the starting point for a great solo
  • 3 critical rock and roll bends. So you can create those heart-stopping lines that make everyone take notice


In Module 4 you’ll explore the techniques of guitar legends like Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammett, Slash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Angus Young, and the list goes on and on...

The 1980s were a high point for guitar solos. And Steve reveals a little-known tapping technique that most guitarists will never try...

You’ll also discover...

  • A simple way to combine your lead and rhythm guitar parts. So you can add depth to your sound.
  • How to develop fluid phrasing. So you can play a solo that flows and makes a statement.
  • 4 essential string-skipping techniques. So you can blaze through arpeggios and your favorite licks
  • The difference between vertical and horizontal playing. So you can better visualize the fretboard.


In Module 5, you’ll start to put it all together with...

  • How to create contrast when soloing. So you can add color to any song.
  • Advanced visualization concepts. So you can map what to play before your fingers even touch the strings.
  • How to keep your mind one-step ahead of your fingers. So you never run out of ideas or get stuck in one place.
  • How to develop a sound that’s all your own. So anyone can recognize your guitar playing.
  • How to combine scale patterns with tapping licks. So you can play mind-blowing arpeggios and runs.

You also get a ton of examples to play over different blues rhythms. And you’ll spend some time actually jamming along with Steve, which is one of the best parts of the course.

And finally, you’ll forget all the rules and just feel your solo from the heart.


Now, Module 6 is simply about rockin’ out!

  • You’ll jam out with Steve over classic and hard rock songs, using all his tips, tricks and techniques.
  • You’ll discover how to jam over a non-rhythmic vamp. So you can keep your audience spellbound using powerful, aggressive playing.
  • You’ll see how all the pieces of the puzzle come together to form a complete, spine-tingling solo.

And you’ll wrap-up everything with a brief discussion on how to continue your progress for years to come. So you can reach your playing goals and enjoy a lifelong passion that gets better year after year.

Keep in mind, these modules are from a highly experienced professional who loves guitar and wants to pass his knowledge and experience onto other guitar lovers. Everything in this course has been painstakingly crafted to give YOU the best RESULTS.

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