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The Complete, A to Z Roadmap To Playing Absolutely Insane Guitar Solos, In Any Style..

Steve_Stine_headshot with name How cool would it be to grab your guitar and play your favorite guitar solos without ever hitting a "bad" note? Or how about cranking out a spine-tingling solo with your buddies at weekend jam session? Whether you play blues, rock, country or metal, you have the confidence to create amazing solos on the fly because the notes on the fretboard jump out at you. And you instantly know what scales go together to make a complete and musical solo. That is exactly what you will be able to do after you work through the incredible lessons in Steve Stine's best selling lead guitar course- Real World Soloing.

It's Like Having A Magical Ability To Take What You Hear In Your Head  And Make It "Real" Through Your Guitar Playing

You master the must-know soloing techniques like phrasing, interval-jumping, and Steve's absolute ninja trick, creative shaping, as well as all the essential scales.

You move across the fretboard with complete freedom.

Your confusion over soloing is gone. It's all super simple now.

And you're having a blast. Because soloing has never been this much fun... ever.

You're confident. Bold. And unafraid. So you're never scared of playing in front of other guitarists again.

Real World Soloing Will Give You Have The Lead Guitar Chops To Play With Anyone

And completely blow away your friends. Every time you pick up your guitar.

You're no longer just a "rhythm-only" guy.

You're a true lead guitarist. With total creative freedom to express your unique style and personality.

You never dreamed that guitar could be this much fun. But it is. And if you're willing to follow the simple road-map that Steve Stine has laid out for you in Real World Soloing...

All this is possible. And a whole lot more...

Let Steve Tell You More About Real World Soloing

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Check out these awesome preview videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn in Real World Soloing

Preview #1- Essential Scales For Soloing in the Real World

You’ll discover 2 different ways to tackle finger placement and positions that you can use to create your own unique style.

And when you combine it with Steve’s creative shaping technique, you’ll hear your guitar solos come alive, and finally be able to play lead guitar with complete confidence.

Preview #2- The 5 Pillars of Guitar Soloing

In this video you’ll discover how to:

1) ID the key
2) Choose your scale(s)
3) Move between patterns
4) Plot points
5) Dynamic variation

So Who's Steve Stine Anyway?

If you haven't heard of Steve before, just know that he's very well known at North Dakota State University and is a highly sought-after Professor of Modern Guitar.

Steve is a true rock guitar player and that is why he took so much time out of his busy schedule to help out with this training course...

Now, Steve has been playing and teaching guitar for over 25 years. He's played in dozens of bands touring the U.S. and the U.K. He's got a bachelors degree in music education. And he's the chief guitarist-in-residence at

His catalog of amazing guitar courses have sold thousands and thousands of copies worldwide and Steve has been called the #1 guitar teacher in the world

The bottom line?

Not Only Can Steve Play But He Can Teach

Which is a rare combination. And he has knack for explaining complicated stuff in a way that 5-year-old can easily understand.

This is your opportunity to truly learn how to create amazing guitar solos in virtually any style on the fly and all from the most popular guitar teacher on the planet!

Here's How Real World Soloing Will Help YOU

  • You’ll be able to play insane guitar solos quickly and start jamming with your friends or join a band
  • You’ll feel a genuine sense of accomplishment completing this course. Because you will have learned from one of the most respected guitar teachers in the world
  • You’ll be able to come home every day and pick up a guitar KNOWING you play with enough skill to sound great
  • You’ll save a whole bunch of time that you would have otherwise spent watching more boring YouTube videos that get you nowhere

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Learn in Real World Soloing

Module 1

  • How to move in and out of the minor pentatonic scale. So you're not stuck playing your solos in one position.
  • How the hybrid scale works and how to apply it. So you can spice up boring solos with red hot licks and endless variety.
  • A quick and easy way to visualize notes on the fretboard. Which means, you'll always know where to place your fingers when you're soloing.

Module 2

  • How to turn scales into head-snapping solos. Which means, you won't sound like every other guitar store hero playing a bunch of random licks.
  • A secret trick to instantly know what chords are generated from the major scale. So you can anticipate each chord and solo with confidence.
  • How the minor scale is related to the major scale. So you can choose the right scale each time for your solos.

Module 3

  • Essential minor, Major and blues scales. Which means, you'll have the chops to create effective improvisations.
  • Logical (music theory) vs. Illogical (rock-and-roll) songs and how to choose the right scale. So you can play a sweet sounding solo over any song.
  • How to solo over a standard pop song. Which means, you'll be able to solo over ballads, country songs, and other styles.

Module 4

  • Logical (music theory) vs. Illogical (rock-and-roll) songs and how to choose the right scale. So you can play a sweet sounding solo over any song.
  • How to play an in-your-face metal solo. Which means, you can shred with the best of the best
  • How to improvise a melodic solo for Rock and Roll songs. Which means, you'll be able to bust out a solo that's the perfect compliment to the rhythm section.
  • How the minor scale is related to the major scale. So you can choose the right scale each time for your solos.

Module 5

  • The incredible illogical song concept. Which means, you won't sound like every other guitar store hero playing a bunch of random licks.
  • The creative-shaping technique used by elite guitarists in all styles of music. Which means, you'll be able to play solos by legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Marty Friedman and even create your own mind-blowing solos from scratch.
  • And much, MUCH more!

Pick Up Your Copy of Real World Soloing TODAY

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Steve is going to show you how you can finally have the knowledge and skills that will open up the doors to your guitar playing and allow you to unleash jaw dropping solos from both your favorite artists AND ones that you write.

This course will make you a better, smarter and more creative guitar player who will have COMPLETE freedom to express whatever idea, emotion, story etc through your guitar and to your audience.

No other guitar course out there contains the tips, tricks and concepts that Steve teaches here in Real World Soloing.

Through Real World Soloing, Steve will give you the freedom on the guitar that you have always wanted.

Click the button below to learn more about Real World Soloing and finally start creating guitar solos like you have always wanted.


Most people only ever talk about getting better at soloing. Hardly any of them EVER end up doing anything about it. Whatever dreams they had when they first picked up a guitar and started playing are gone—all those hopes and aspirations came to nothing, packed away under the bed like an unplayed guitar.

YOU have a chance right now to separate yourself from those wannabes. Not only do you have an incredible professional showing you how to play mind-blowing solos, you also get instruction that brings the course to life and gives you everything you need to create your own unique style.

Think of how many opportunities you've missed out on before. Imagine how good you would be right now if you had only taken those chances. Don't let it happen again.

This is THAT moment in your life where you wake up and become the player who everyone talks about.

You also get.... Hours of top-gun soloing instruction that brings quick RESULTS. Online videos that you can access anytime and anywhere, which are packed with awesome techniques, riffs and jam tracks. Guitar Soloing Masterclass Registration Info

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