The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Play Blues Guitar

Play Blues Now

steve stine stage 2If you want play authentic blues but don't know how to get started, or if you can already play some blues but you want to really learn it from the ground-up the right way, or if you want start crankin' out some killer blues solos, then Play Blues Now by the world's most known guitar teacher, Steve Stine is exactly what you've been looking for.

The truth is, there are a ton of blues guitar courses out there and most of them only take you part way to really understanding how to play blues guitar and that's what sets Play Blues Now apart from the other so called blues guitar courses out there.

Brain Dead Easy

This course is brain-dead easy to use. Steve Stine will show you everything you need to know to play some authentic blues from start-to-finish. And you'll never get lost or confused because everything goes in order. And you'll have a complete tab book to go with it so you an easily follow along and you'll know exactly where to put your fingers.

Check out these awesome promo videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn in Play Blues Now


Learn This Muddy Waters Inspired Lick

In this preview lesson from Play Blues Now, Steve is going to teach you a classic lick inspired by one of the biggest names in blues guitar- Muddy Waters. You will instantly recognize the lick and it's a lot of fun to play.

3 Essential Turnaround Licks

In this preview lesson from Play Blues Now, Steve is going to teach you 3 essential blues turnarounds to use in a 12 bar blues progression. The turnaround during measures 11 and 12 of a 12 bar blues is a key component of a blues chorus. Steve is going to walk you through exactly what that means and show you 3 great examples that you can use in your playing immediately.

Rhythm Concepts

In this preview lesson from Play Blues Now, Steve walks you through a number of key concepts that you need to be successful in playing solid blues guitar rhythms.

Be sure to work through each key concept that Steve talks about in this video and begin to incorporate them in to your blues guitar rhythm playing. Once you get the hang of it, you'll start to sound like the blues player you have always wanted to be.

Here's What You'll Learn in Play Blues Now

  • Why the blues is a critical style that every serious guitarist needs to know
  • How to get various blues-tones from your existing gear
  • Fundamental scales and music theory for blues
  • The major and minor I-IV-V chord progressions
  • The three critical blues rhythms
  • The "call and response" technique
  • How to play the power-chord-blues
  • Essential blues licks for electric guitar
  • The 5 most crucial solo techniques for playing real, authentic blues solos
  • 1 easy way to keep your solo from sounding like a scale
  • The 3 essential blues riff-styles
  • The most important blues riffs and song styles
  • How to use chord embellishments
  • How to put it all together and become a complete, blues guitar player

Pick Up Your Copy of Play Blues Now Today!

Click the button below for more info on this amazing Play Blues Now Course by Steve Stine with over 7 hours of step-by-step video training, shot with 3 camera angles and tons of fretboard close-ups

This is absolutely one of the most complete blues guitar courses out there, taught by the biggest names in guitar education- Steve Stine.  Steve is the author of over 30 best selling guitar courses, like Solofire, Real World Soloing, Thunder Rock Riffs and Music Theory Made Easy.

Steve has been playing and teaching guitar for over 25 years. And over past few years as Chief Guitarist In Residence at GuitarZoom.  Steve has helped literally hundreds-of-thousands of guitarists in over 100 different countries massively improve their playing.

Play Blues Now is for the guitarist who wants to play authentic blues guitar. If you've got some chops and you've just always wanted to play the blues but didn't know how to get started, this is perfect for you. Or, If you can already play a little blues guitar but feel you dont have a complete and solid grasp on it, then you'll love this course.

It's not for absolute beginners. So, if you just got your guitar, please don't buy. And if you already play blues guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan, this won't help you. But if you're somewhere in between "raw-rookie" and "blues guitar legend" then this is for YOU!



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