Steve is back with an awesome new blues guitar course- Modern Blues Masterclass

If you liked Steve's other blues guitar courses- Play Blues Now and 96 Blues Licks, you'll absolutely love Modern Blues Masterclass.

Modern Blues Mastery Masterclass is an 6-week, interactive modern blues or "fusion" masterclass taught by everyone's favorite guitar teacher- Steve Stine.

This Course Will Turn Everything You Know About Blues Upside Down.

Modern blues or blues fusion takes traditional blues guitar and turns it on its head by adding modern influences to create a whole new sound.

Modern blues takes traditional blues and adds various concepts such as using different modes, chromatism, playing on each chord instead of playing one scale etc

You'll learn the killer blues guitar playing styles of guys like

  • Joe Bonamassa

  • John Mayer

  • Eric Gales

  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd


You'll Be Getting University-Level Training Broken Down Into Proven Step-By-Step Methods That Will Take Your Playing To The Next level Quick And Easy


Check out these awesome preview lessons from Modern Blues Masterclass

Intervallic Movement

In the first preview video of Modern Blues Guitar, Steve discusses the important concept of intervallic movement. Get out of 'box' playing and discover how to travel up and down the neck through the pentatonic shapes. Steve also discusses how to incorporate octaves in your playing.

Relative and Parallel Key Soloing

In the second preview video of Modern Blues Guitar, Steve shows you a subtle but cool trick that will add a whole new dimension to your playing.

He will show you how to solo using B minor pentatonic over an A major backing track. It may sound weird and even impossible but watch the video to how and why this works.


The actual definition of meandering is to 'wander aimlessly' but in guitar it's more of a improvisation technique sometimes known as 'noodling'.

What's cool about meandering is that you can fit it in almost anywhere in your solo so when you find that you need something quick without too much thinking you can throw some meandering in there to sort of 'fill in'. It is the perfect technique to give you some time to think of your next lick. This is a key concept in helping you string together licks and solo ideas when improvising.

It can sound pretty awesome though, just watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

Here are some of the key topic that Steve will teach you in Modern Blues Masterclass

  • The Basics

    Steve will review some of the fundamentals to prepare you for the rest of the course.  He will cover topics such as the minor 7th chords, define blues fusion, chord colors, the mix of blues and jazz and the meandering technique

  • The Major/Minor 6th Scale

    Steve takes you through new concepts that will allow you to add the 6th and 9th intervals to your playing.  He’ll also talk about practicality vs theory

  • The Hybrid Scale

    Steve will introduce you to the hybrid scale and the dominate pentatonic scale to give you a whole new sound in your blues lead playing.  You’ll instantly be able to spice up a cool major blues progression.

  • Relative and Parallel Key Soloing

    Steve shows you how you can solo in a different key over a progression.  This exciting concept adds a completely new sound to your playing and challenges the traditional way of thinking when you approach a solo.

  • Dominant and Diminished Scales

    Tired of the same ol’ pentatonic scales?  Steve teaches you how to use dominant and diminished scales in real world application to create exciting new sounds.  He shows you how to use this in a real world application and how the diminished and dominant scales are good to use when resolving from the V to I chords

  • Putting It All Together

    In the final week of Modern Blues Masterclass, Steve shows you how to take all of these concepts to build amazing modern blues solos.  He’ll show you to build small and large musical phrases, how to effectively use repetition, dynamic contrast and melody in your playing.

This Is Not Your Everyday Run of the Mill Blues Guitar Course


There are thousands of blues guitar courses out there but none that give you an in depth look at the exotic and fresh sounds of Modern Blues.  If you have ever worked with any of Steve's other guitar courses, especially his masterclasses, you know that you are getting the best guitar education possible.

Once you have completed this amazing 6 week study in modern blues guitar, you will have discovered

  • How to use string-skipping and interval-jumps so your solo doesn't sound like a boring scale
  • How to instantly recognize and play key modern fusion elements
  • Vertical vs horizontal playing
  • Create exciting new exotic sounds with new scales
  • Add chordal extensions for awesome sounding progressions
  • Much much more!

modern blues masterclass packageThis is once in a lifetime opportunity for you to interact personally with one of the top guitar-instructors on the planet.

Steve is STOKED about getting started and he’s looking forward to working with you.

If you want to take your blues guitar playing to a level you never dreamed possible and learn fresh, new and exotic sounds to reinvent how you approach blues guitar playing, then this is THE opportunity for you.

But class size is limited. And we will be removing the registration page once we reach a number students that Steve believes he can help without being overwhelmed.

Dont miss out!!

Guitar Soloing Masterclass Registration Info

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