Learn to Solo in 5 Minutes

Steve Stine teaches you the fundamentals so you can develop your lead guitar skills and create your own killer licks and lead lines in a matter of minutes

Sick of Being the "Other" Guitar Player?

Are you tired of only being the rhythm guitar player? Do you wish you could rip out guitar licks like your favorite guitar players do with what seems to be no effort? Do you make excuses at jam sessions when it's your turn to take a lead?

So many guitar players think that learning to play lead guitar is an unachievable task. Like there is some sort of magic to it or you have to have some special guitar talent for it.

Guess what?

ANYONE can learn to play lead guitar and do it well. If you have always dreamed of writing your own solos, improvising some cool licks over a riff or emulate your favorite solos, you need to find the right tools to help you get started.

Steve Stine is a master at lead guitar and has published some of the best selling courses on lead guitar playing to come out in the last several years.

Steve put together this great mini lesson to help you get started in your lead guitar playing.

In this FREE lesson, Steve will show you the secrets to learning lead guitar such as

  • A great basic shape to develop your solos
  • How to play that shape over chords
  • What meandering is and why it is important in improvising
  • How to develop rhythmic variation such as repetition and displacement
  • Why you need to know the notes on the 6th string
  • How to practice so you can develop your soloing skills
  • How to solo over chords or "chase the chords"
  • How to establish the tonal center and stay in one place
  • Much more

Watch the video lesson now and be sure to download the tab (link is below the video) so you can follow along and practice the examples that Steve covers.

Download The Tab Here

This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Steve covers a lot of stuff in this lesson but there is so much more for you to learn. Steve has a collection of awesome lead guitar courses that you should check out.

Here is a brief summary to help you decide which is best for you

42 Days to Blazing Guitar Solos- designed to be completed in 42 days and will provide you with the skills and ability to master the 17 most critical techniques to take your lead guitar playing to the next level. 96 Rock Licks- The course that started it all. In Steve's first ever course he walks you through 96 incredible rock licks and shows you how to create awesome guitar solos with them. Real World Soloing- throw away the textbook and learn how to solo in a practical application. Steve shows you the "real world" approach to soloing so you can solo over virtually any song and learn to do it in 1/2 the time. SoloFire- Is the ultimate lead guitar course. Think of it as general overview of soloing. SoloFire is the recommended course to start with as Steve covers a wide array of topics to jumpstart your lead guitar playing skills.

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