Kids Rock Guitar

Guitar lessons for the young rocker

Is your child frustrated with their current guitar lessons?

The course provides a complete overview to various styles including rock, pop, jazz, blues, ballads, country, and more that is geared toward guitar students in the age range of 7-16 years old. But many adult guitarists use this course to either start learning for the first time or as a refresher. The course is great for any “kid” whether he’s 7 or 70!

The course starts at the absolute beginner level. No previous guitar-experience is required.  You’ll be surprised at how quick your child makes progress with this course and they’ll have a blast doing it!

Don’t have a guitar yet? You can order the course before you’ve even purchased a guitar. Kids Rock Guitar comes with a guitar buyer’s guide to help you choose the right guitar.

If your child is taking private lessons, The material taught in the course will only enhance what your child is learning. Many of our students find that they no longer need private instruction once they follow the course.

Most kids quit taking guitar lessons within the first six months. This course is perfect to help your child get started again. And because all the lessons are clearly labeled, he or she can simply skip, or quickly review, the information and move on to new material.

Dont worry whether your child has an acoustic or electric guitar.  This course applies to both types of guitar.

The focus of the Kids Rock Guitar is to teach the child the fundamentals of guitar (how to read tablature, primary chords and rhythms, important strumming patterns, chord progressions, song-structure, etc.) so he or she can learn any song in any style. The course does not teach individual “popular” songs. Instead, your child will develop the skills to play songs by his or her favorite bands.  Learning this way empowers them to be a more rounded, creative and confident player.  Jump in and learn to play guitar alongside your child! This is wonderful opportunity for you to spend quality time together.


Kids Rock Guitar comes with a 90 day, money-back guarantee (less shipping). No questions asked. No restocking fee. No receipt required.

Here is a brief summary of what each of the 10 DVDs contain



  • How to tune and properly hold the guitar
  • The different parts of the guitar
  • The three most important strumming patterns
  • How to chose the right picks and strings
  • The most important rhythms for pop, rock-n-roll and blues.
  • Five must-know major chords using open-strings
  • Helpful practice techniques and how to build finger-strength
  • How to read chords-charts and fretboard diagrams
  • The most important minor chords
  • Important chord progressions
  • Power-chords
  • Introduction to blues
  • Introduction to dominant chords
  • How to use these chords
  • How to easily recognize them in songs
  • How to adjust the guitar and amplifier
  • Palm muting
  • How to memorize the notes on the fretboard
  • The different positions on the guitar
  • Technique and picking exercises
  • Power Chords
  • The chromatic scale
  • The three critical rock-rhythms including the gallop, straight-eigth and shuffle
  • Short intro to finger picking for rock ballads
  • Advanced chords
  • Flat Picking
  • The most common and useful strumming patterns
  • How to use capo
  • Barre chords
  • 3 most important barre chord forms
  • How to play them across the entire fretboard
  • All the chords, scales, strumming, techniques and rhythms
  • How to apply all this knowledge to learning songs fast and easy
  • writing your own songs
DVD 10
  • GUitar types and brands
  • Strings
  • Amplifiers
  • Pedals
  • Effects

Grab your copy of Kids Rock Guitar!

Help your child learn to play the guitar without the frustration and have fun doing it!                                         

Free Preview- Strumming Secrets

In this free preview of Kids Rock Guitar, Steve Stine teaches the secrets to strumming chords effectively and creating different rhythm so that you can strum along to your favorite songs or create your own.


Free Preview- Power Chords

Steve Stine teaches you the staple chord shape of rock an roll- the power chord!  Learn one shape and move it around the guitar neck to make different chords.  This is the sound that you hear on all of the classic hard rock songs.  Click below to have Steve teach you to rock out.


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Nice explanations for simple techniques. Thank you!. Victor M.

Very good stuff…thanks for the many pointers! Ceasar F.

LIKE THE STYLE of This Guys Approach…Mixing in a Little Theory:w/Chords and timing while explaining Tecnique!-CUDO’S! Rootamentary…Very effective as well as unique. Byron J.