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Learn the Secrets to Creating Amazing Guitar Solos

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Most folks start the journey of playing guitar with a lot of excitement. But after awhile they hit a brick wall. Playing stops being fun. They don't seem to make any real progress. And the worse part is, they don't know why...

If you've had that experience like so many of us have, the Steve Stine's Goodbye Boring Solos is for you..

The #1 goal of Steve's new course- Goodbye Boring Solos is too give you a step-by-step roadmap that you can complete in simple steps to master the 17 essential techniques you need to know to really play lead guitar.

This course is 100% dedicated to helping you develop killer TECHNIQUE that you can apply today that will have an immediate impact on your playing.


Check out these awesome promo videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn in Goodbye Boring Solos


3 Simple Steps To Clean Up Your Guitar Solos

In video 1 of the free mini course from Goodbye Boring Solos, Steve will show you 3 simple steps that will have an immediate impact on your guitar soloing. Steve walks you through each one of these white hot techniques that will up your lead guitar playing game.


Vocal Tricks to Spice up Your Solos

In video 2 of the the mini series from Goodbye Boring Solos, Steve shows you 3 more awesome techniques that will add a realism and vocal quality to your playing.

Yep, we’re talking about bends, slides and vibrato…

Inside Steve has lined up a whole bunch of tips and tricks you can use to sharpen these techniques into powerful tools you can unleash at your fingertips.


Keep Your Solos From Sounding Boring

In video 3, Steve talks about the all important concept of phrasing and the art of creative contrast in your solos.

Once you properly learn how to build phrases in your solos, it will be like you opened the floodgates to incredible soloing ideas. You'll play and sound better even if you're not as technically developed.

So what exactly is phrasing? Watch the video and find out!


Here's What Goodbye Boring Solos Is All About..

You see, most guys just focus all their time and effort on learning WHAT to play, and pay no attention to HOW to play it... the right way, with proper technique.

So, when Steve set out to create this course he had ONE primary goal in mind:

To give you a step-by-step roadmap that teaches you how to master the 17 essential techniques you need to know to really play lead guitar.

Now this isn't about just learning a few licks, or memorizing a few scale patterns.

It's not about learning a particular style of music, or even the techniques of just one player. And it's not about music theory, or matching scales to chords, or any of that.

This course is 100% dedicated to helping you develop killer TECHNIQUE that you can apply today that will have an immediate impact on your playing.

You see, technique isn't about WHAT you play, it's HOW you play it.

Because even if you have the desire to play a certain guitar solo, if you don't have the skills then you won't be able to actually play it. Which is why technique is so critical...

Here's How Goodbye Boring Solos Will Help YOU

  • You'll have a whole new sense of freedom on the guitar
  • You'll finally have the ability to play what you want
  • Your playing will have confidence, fluidity, power and energy
  • Breakthrough the barrier in your learning and fall in love with guitar all over again
  • Never be restricted by your lack of knowledge in guitar theory ever again

Ask Yourself...

How would it feel to glance at the sheet music of a classic guitar solo, like Freebird, and it make perfect sense to you, instantly? 

What if you could stop struggling to learn guitar solos, once for all, and develop near-perfect technique that allows you the freedom to tackle practically any guitar solo ever written... 

Would playing the guitar be a little more fun? 

Would you be more confident and bold? 

Would your playing take on a whole new meaning?

Once you work through the 17 critical techniques that Steve is going to teach you in Goodbye Boring Solos, all of this will be a reality for you.

Goodbye Boring Solos is Now Available

goodbye boring solos boxClick the button below for more info on this amazing course from Steve Stine.  Steve is going to show you how you can finally have the knowledge and skills that will open up the doors to your guitar playing and allow you to unleash jaw dropping solos from both your favorite artists AND ones that you write.

This course will make you a better, smarter and more creative guitar player who will have COMPLETE freedom to express whatever idea, emotion, story etc through your guitar and to your audience.

No other guitar course out there zeros in on the most critical technical aspects of your lead guitar playing like this one does.  Steve will walk you through the 17 most crucial techniques that you need in your guitar playing and give you the freedom on the guitar that you have always wanted.

Click the button below to watch a video from Steve where he goes in to more detail on what is all covered in Goodbye Boring Solos


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