FireStorm Guitar

The Definitive Rhythm Course Every Guitar Player Needs

If you’re rhythm guitar skills are lacking then Steve Stine’s FireStorm guitar course is exactly what you need.  We have waited a long time for Steve to do a guitar course on rhythm and it is finally here!


If you have seen the free preview videos, then you know this is a must have course to help you build the fundamental skills for awesome rhythm guitar playing.


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You’ll see a short video (about 10 min) that explains what the course is about and who it’s for.

In FireStorm Guitar, Steve Stine teaches you what you REALLY need to know to be a solid rhythm guitar player.  This course is a step-by-step blueprint for learning songs 200% faster. This is some of the most practical, instantly-useful training I’ve seen in a long time. It’s something that will save you hours-and-hours of practice time, headaches and frustration. And its taught by one of the biggest names in guitar education

Rhythm guitar accounts for 90% of what a guitar player plays.  But for some strange reason most guitar players go for the other 10% – lead guitar.  Maybe its the flash or some weird stigma that you are a better guitar player if you play lead guitar.  I promise you- rhythm guitar players get just as many chicks as the lead guitarist.

Rhythm guitar is the foundation of a song and since it accounts for most of a tune, you NEED to be good at it.  Solid rhythm playing is ESSENTIAL for you to be a good guitar player.

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Interested in seeing some of the course?

Here are the links to the 3 free videos-

Video 1- The Ocean Effect

The first video- Ocean Effect is a whopping 27 minute long lesson from Steve where he covers

  • The Essential 10 chords every guitarist must know
  • Pattern vs. Organic strumming
  • The 2 most common strumming patterns found in 80-90% of all songs
  • Why you must learn to “hear and replicate”
  • Why it’s critical to find the beat of a song using string-scratching first
  • A rookie mistake to avoid when starting your strum
  • The crucial strumming technique needed to find your “groove”
  • Strumming from the wrist vs. elbow
  • The “Ocean Effect” — why it’s the fastest way to make your playing sound musical

Video 2- #1 Technique to know to master rhythm guitar 

Discover what you need to do before you ever try to play the chords of any song you want to learn…

Video 3- Open vs Closed Strumming

2 more essential rhythm guitar techniques you need to master


Listen to a 45 minute interview that Dan Denley had with Steve as they discuss Firestorm, rhythm guitar, essential guitar techniques and more!



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