Ear Training Made Easy by Steve Stine

Steve Stine's Ear Training Fundamentals Mini Course

Learn Your Favorite Songs in 30 Minutes or Less

Lesson #3- Mapping and Clearing

Organize Your Approach to Learning Songs

Welcome to the 3rd and final installment of Steve Stine's Ear Training Made Easy mini series.  Once you have worked through all 3 parts of this guitar course, you should have a good understanding of the fundamentals of how to listen to your favorite songs and learn to play with them with no tab, chord charts or lessons.

This is such an empowering skill to have and you'll feel like a true musician instead of just someone copying and following along.

Learning the skills that Steve teaches you in his ear training course dramatically decreases the time it takes you to learn the songs that motivate you to play the guitar

In video 3, Steve discusses the concept of mapping and clearing and how you should approach learning a song.  It's this organizational concept that will give you the tools to break apart a song in proper, manageable pieces, dissect what you hear and then anticipate what is next.

Want More?

This mini course is only a tip of the iceberg.  In the full course, Ear Training Made Easy, Steve goes in to much greater detail in his step by step approach to developing your ear and figuring out songs on your own.

Ear Training Made Easy is over 3 hours long and contains 26 individual lessons where Steve takes you step by step in order to rapidly and easily play your favorite songs on guitar

 It’s worked for thousands of guitarists in over 100 different countries. And it's scientifically-designed to get you playing your favorite songs faster than any other method available.

If you enjoyed this video series and want to take your ear training skills to the next level, click the link below.


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