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96 Blues Licks


96 Blues Licks is the newest course from Steve Stine and will be released on November 15th. Click the button to learn more about the best blues guitar course to be released this year!





SoloFire takes all those great licks you learned in these courses and acclaimed instructor Steve Stine teaches you through 6 DVDs of instruction how to create solos from licks. This course will dramatically improve your improvisation skills.


Music Theory Made Easy (MTME)

MTME teaches guitar players the fundamentals of music and how it applies to the guitar. It also teaches how all notes, chords, scales and progressions fit together. Steve then teaches how to use this to create your own music.


96 Rock Licks

96 Rock Licks is a 4 DVD, 2 CD course with booklet that teaches you how to play 96 guitar licks in the genres of blues, rock and metal. More importantly Steve Stine teaches you how to USE these licks to create your own solos and improvise.

CAGED Made Simple

CAGED Made Simple teaches you how to better visualize the fretboard so you can break out of soloing with the same boring box positions and play more interesting leads. Add new color and texture to your rhythm playing by learning new chord voicings. Excellent 3 DVD course that is a great companion to Music Theory Made Easy.




Songfire is an amazing course that teaches you to learn your favorite songs by ear. Steve has a proven 4 step method that will allow you to jam along with your favorite tunes within 30 minutes of applying this method. There is no other course out there like this. Put down the tab books, turn off Youtube and end the frustration.



Kids Rock Guitar

Kids Rock Guitar, although geared more for guitar players in the 7-16 year old range, is perfect for anyone looking to learn the guitar in a fun and relaxed way. Kids Rock Guitar teaches you the fundamentals of guitar (how to read tab, chords and rhythms, strum patterns, chord progressions, song-structure, etc.) so you can learn any song in any style.

42 Days To Blazing Guitar Solos

42 Days to Blazing Guitar Solos is a 6 week course contained on 6 DVDs that will teach you the 17 most critical lead guitar techniques. This course is different than anything you’ve ever seen, because it’s 100% dedicated to TECHNIQUE, which is “how” you play... not “what” you play. And when you get technique right, you can play almost anything you want.

Real World Soloing

Real World Soloing teaches you how to solo in “real life” and break out from the textbook way of thinking when it comes to lead guitar.  Steve Stine teaches you what you REALLY need to know to be a proficient lead guitar player and how to approach lead guitar for different types of music.