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Our friend Dan Denley and his company, GuitarZoom have been teaching guitar students through his DVD courses and online for years. Several years ago Dan partnered with one of the best guitar teachers currently providing curriculum to guitar students, Steve Stine.  Steve has been the instructor behind some of the most popular DVD courses in the last couple of years.


Be sure to check out the great info on this site and learn how to accelerate your guitar playing using Steve Stine’s courses.  I use his courses myself and even take elements and concepts from them to teach my own students in their private guitar lessons.  I have seen huge improvements in both my playing and my guitar students as well.  I would not promote any product that I would not use myself.  I really do believe these courses can change the way you play guitar.


LEGAL DISCLOSURE – This site is not owned or endorsed by any of the companies or people mentioned herein including Steve Stine.  Rather, It is my intent, with this site, to promote quality guitar instruction.  I am an affiliate for GuitarZoom courses that I recommend. If you purchase their courses through my links, I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a course through my link. In fact, I am frequently able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere. Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me continue to offer you lots of free stuff.  I will never promote a product that I do not use or feel is of the highest standard.  Thank you for visiting SteveStine.com

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