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Learn 96 Kick Ass Rock Licks To Help You Create Amazing Guitar Solos

Steve-landscape96 Rock Licks is a hands-on, fast and easy guide that will show you awesome rock guitar licks that range from classic to inventive to utterly insane.

96 Rock Licks will have you shredding wicked, mind-bending Solo's in the shortest time possible- Even If You're A Solo Newbie

This new ‘96 Rock Licks' course is packed full of brand new, awesome sounding licks to keep your technique sharp and having fun while you learn.

Knowing a TON of licks makes learning a new style of guitar ten times easier and ten times more FUN.
You won't need to going hunting online for different videos, it's not going to help anyway, because this is simply this best collection of rock licks, tricks and techniques you'll find anywhere in the world.

Steve has gathered all his experience as a professional guitarist and teacher and has taken the time to piece together all the different problems related to soloing to create an all-in-one course with all you need to start playing rock like a pro.

Let Steve Tell You More About 96 Rock Licks


Dear Fellow Guitar Player,

I want you to take a second to sit back and think...

Imagine picking up your guitar, the wood and the strings feel so familiar. Your fingers move naturally and you strike a chord. The sound resonates in the room. You nod, satisfied and start playing a solo of the top of your head.

Everything comes as natural as breathing, your fingers work in a frenzy as you start picking away, moving through different licks and patterns that you know and love. You crank out a few gut-wrenching bends and finish of with a nice, clean vibrato.

Sounds too easy right?

If that sounds like something you can do right now, then here's 96 licks for you to learn and add to your personal library.

If you don't think you're at that level yet, then here's 96 licks for you to learn and add to your personal library.

What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter what your current level is right now, there will always be something new to learn and with that, comes progress.

You should always strive to be moving forward, no matter what.

About 90% of people who quit guitar quit because they couldn't master a certain lick or technique. They tried for a while and soon it got so frustrating that guitar became boring. That's the worst thing that can happen.

Lead guitar can get very complex and technical...
So if you're serious about playing lead guitar then you need to be ready to face the harsh reality of things.

You're not always going to "get it" right away.

What you need to realize is that you can't cling onto these problems hoping that one day you'll just magically get through it.

It's very hard to get past the "road blocks" in your learning if you don't have the proper technique.
What's worse is most of the time you won't even know what critical bit of technique or information you're missing.

. Instead of banging your head on trying to figure a solution for your current problem for days, weeks or even months and years, a good idea is to tackle other licks and techniques just to keep the momentum going so you don't lose that "spark" that keeps you moving forward and improving.

96 Rock Licks is packed full of awesome sounding licks to keep your technique sharp and having fun while you learn.

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Check out these awesome preview videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn in 96 Rock Licks

So Who's Steve Stine Anyway?

If you haven't heard of Steve before, just know that he's very well known at North Dakota State University and is a highly sought-after Professor of Modern Guitar.

Steve is a true rock guitar player and that is why he took so much time out of his busy schedule to help out with this training course...

Now, Steve has been playing and teaching guitar for over 25 years. He's played in dozens of bands touring the U.S. and the U.K. He's got a bachelors degree in music education. And he's the chief guitarist-in-residence at

His catalog of amazing guitar courses have sold thousands and thousands of copies worldwide and Steve has been called the #1 guitar teacher in the world

The bottom line?

Not Only Can Steve Play But He Can Teach

Which is a rare combination. And he has knack for explaining complicated stuff in a way that 5-year-old can easily understand.

This is your opportunity to learn 96 kick ass rock guitar licks from the most popular guitar teacher on the planet!

Here's How 96 Rock Licks Will Help YOU

  • You'll have a whole new sense of freedom on the guitar
  • You'll finally have the ability to play what you want
  • Your playing will have confidence, fluidity, power and energy
  • Breakthrough the barrier in your learning and fall in love with guitar all over again
  • You'll be a better overall musician because you'll master the techniques, styles, devices and tricks that are needed to master all 96 licks
  • You'll be able to grab your guitar and play eye-popping licks that will transform your solo's into a musical beast that will grab at the audience and won't let go
  • You'll understand the playing styles and techniques of Rock legends like George Lynch and John Petrucci and how to apply them to your playing immediately
  • You'll be finally be able to play THOSEl songs you've always avoided because you didn't think you were "good enough"

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Learn in 96 Rock Licks

Module 1

In Module 1 Steve walks you through the most crucial techniques and scales to get you started on your journey through 96 Rock Licks:

  • Vibrato Technique
  • Sliding to and from notes
  • Half step, full step and step and a half bends
  • Ghost bends and double stops
  • Hammer ons and pull offs
  • The first 5 licks of the course

The licks get gradually more challenging as you move along. But Steve will take it nice and slow in this first DVD. So, you'll have a strong foundation for everything we're going to do later on.

You'll also start playing these licks over the jam tracks. And Steve will show you how to match them with the rhythm track to make sure you're playing in the right key.

This is called, "transposition." And this is one the most important skills you can have as a guitarist.

Now, transposition is just big, fancy word that means to move from one key to another.

For example, let's say you learn this lick in the key of A minor. But the song you want to solo over is in the key of G minor.

You'll need to transpose the the lick.

And here's the amazing part...

Technically, there are twelve different keys.

So, once you learn all 96 licks in the course, and you understand how to transpose them... you'll be be able to play 1,152 licks in twelve different keys.


Module 2

In module 2 you'll learn licks 6-29.
These licks use the pentatonic minor and major scales. One of the most important concepts in this course is repeating patterns, which can really spice-up your leads.

And you'll learn how to connect the different pentatonic shapes across the fretboard, and how to move in and out of the box-positions, so you'll never be stuck in one place.

Module 3

In module 3 you'll learn licks 30-60, which focus on melodic licks that use hammer-ons and pull-offs.
You'll discover subtle musical devices like legato playing... which makes your solos sound effortless.
And you'll bone-up your technique by learning...

  • The right way to move through scale patterns
  • How to play the same lick in different spots on the neck
  • How to play a lick vertically and horizontally
  • How to incorporate phrasing techniques to make your licks stand out

Module 4

Licks, lick and more licks!  Module 4 is all about killer licks. In fact, you'll learn 36 licks in just over an hour.

And you'll learn simple ways to use combine licks using all these scale-patterns, so you'll have complete freedom in your solos.

You'll explore licks that use a variety of scales such as the:

  • Minor pentatonic
  • Major pentatonic
  • Blues scale
  • Hybrid scales


Although module 4 is packed full of great licks, there are a number of key concepts that Steve will teach you throughout learning each of these licks.

Some of these key concepts include:

  • Learn how to plan your solo from start-to-finish
  • How to avoid having your solo sound like a scale
  • How to use "blue notes" to give your solos a bluesy-feel
  • How to use chromatic notes to jazz-up your leads
  • Be more expressive in your playing
  • How to modify the licks to match the feel of a song...

Steve finishes off module 4 with some more advanced techniques that will really having you sound like a rock star!

These killer tricks and techniques are great to incorporate in to your playing and will bring your guitar licks and solos to a whole new level!

  • Eddie Van Halen style two hand tapping
  • Dive-bombs
  • Pinch-harmonics
  • Pick-slides
  • And a few other goodies that you'll have to see to believe...

Learn a Killer Solo With 3 Licks From 96 Rock Licks


Not convinced that you can learn to play an amazing guitar solo with only a few licks from 96 Rock Licks?

Check out this exclusive lesson from Steve where he is going to pick 3 licks that are in 96 Rock Licks and create an amazing rock guitar solo with them.

Steve will then break everything down nice and slow to teach you exactly how he did it so you can learn this great solo yourself!

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