36 Metal Licks Preview

Create Bone Crushing Solos and Thrash Style Leads in 36 Metal Licks

Steve Stine's Heaviest Course To Date

If you love the fast, intricate and exotic sounds of heavy metal solos, then you'll love Steve's new course- 36 Metal Licks.

These arent your standard run of the mill pentatonic licks that have been taught over and over. The 36 metal licks you will learn incorporate exotic sounds, creative runs and unique note choices to give you a fresh approach on heavy metal soloing.

In the 36 Metal Licks, Steve will give you the tools to develop confidence in your lead guitar playing and create those powerful metal guitar solos.

Check out these awesome promo videos that Steve put together and see what you will learn inĀ 36 Metal Licks

Killer Diminished Metal Guitar Lick

Check out this awesome lesson where Steve shows you a cool diminished style metal lead guitar lick


Make Your Pentatonic Licks Sound Exotic

In this free lesson from Steve's new course 36 Metal Licks, he will show you how just a few notes added to the standard pentatonic scale can give a normal pattern a whole new exotic sound it never would have had before.


How To Break Down And Learn A Cool New Lick In 8 Mins

A lot of people think that the cooler the lick is, the harder it is to play. Well that not always the case and Steve will show you in this video.

In this video Steve will break down a new lick he created for 36 Metal Licks so you can learn step by step how to piece together the individual parts and have an awesome new lick up your sleeve.


36 Metal Licks Is Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more info on 36 Metal Licks which will be out soon!

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