Learn Killer Two Hand Tapping In The Style Of Eddie Van Halen

steve stine picIn this FREE half hour lesson from one of the biggest names in guitar teaching, Steve Stine teaches you to two hand tap like the master- Eddie Van Halen. Eddie and his amazing two hand tapping skills turned the world of guitar upside down in the late 70’s and created a whole new generation of guitar players that would forever be chasing his sound.

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Do you want to dramatically improve your guitar playing abilities? Are you tired of struggling with your guitar? Do you want the best guitar instruction from one of the most popular guitar teachers to come on to the scene in the last couple of years? SteveStine.com is what you are looking for. The courses highlighted here will dramatically improve your guitar playing skills and allow you to finally be the guitar player you have always dreamed of.

Steve Stine is currently Professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University. After earning his music education degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead, he went on to play in literally dozens of bands over the last 16 years touring the U.S. and England.

Steve exploded on to the guitar home study scene with his hugely successful 96 Rock Licks course. He has since followed that up with equally popular courses such as SoloFire, Music Theory Made Easy and Kids Rock Guitar.

Dan Denley and his company, GuitarZoom have been teaching guitar students through his DVD courses and online for years. Since teaming up with Steve, GuitarZoom.com has become one of the most influential companies in helping guitar students master the guitar. Scroll down and take a look at some of the top notch courses that GuitarZoom has to offer.

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