Learn Killer Two Hand Tapping In The Style Of Eddie Van Halen

steve stine picIn this FREE half hour lesson from one of the biggest names in guitar teaching, Steve Stine teaches you to two hand tap like the master- Eddie Van Halen. Eddie and his amazing two hand tapping skills turned the world of guitar upside down in the late 70’s and created a whole new generation of guitar players that would forever be chasing his sound.

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Do you want to dramatically improve your guitar playing abilities? Are you tired of struggling with your guitar? Do you want the best guitar instruction from one of the most popular guitar teachers to come on to the scene in the last couple of years? SteveStine.com is what you are looking for. The courses highlighted here will dramatically improve your guitar playing skills and allow you to finally be the guitar player you have always dreamed of.

Steve Stine is currently Professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University. After earning his music education degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead, he went on to play in literally dozens of bands over the last 16 years touring the U.S. and England.

Steve exploded on to the guitar home study scene with his hugely successful 96 Rock Licks course. He has since followed that up with equally popular courses such as SoloFire, Music Theory Made Easy and Kids Rock Guitar.

Dan Denley and his company, GuitarZoom have been teaching guitar students through his DVD courses and online for years. Since teaming up with Steve, GuitarZoom.com has become one of the most influential companies in helping guitar students master the guitar. Scroll down and take a look at some of the top notch courses that GuitarZoom has to offer.

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96 Rock Licks pic96 Rock Licks is a 4 DVD, 2 CD course with booklet that teaches you how to play 96 guitar licks in the genres of blues, rock and metal.  More importantly Steve Stine teaches you how to USE these licks to create your own solos and improvise.

42 days to blazing guitar solos 242 Days to Blazing Guitar Solos is a 6 DVD course designed to be completed in 42 days and will provide you with the skills and ability to master the 17 most critical techniques to take your lead guitar playing to the next level. By doing so you will be able to play mind melting solos that either you improvised yourself or learned from some of the greats such as Jimmy Page, Slash, SRV and Kirk Hammett.

firestorm book and dvdIn FireStorm Guitar, Steve Stine teaches you what you REALLY need to know to be a solid rhythm guitar player.  This course is a step-by-step blueprint for learning songs 200% faster. This is some of the most practical, instantly-useful training seen in a long time. It’s something that will save you hours-and-hours of practice time, headaches and frustration. 

Music Theory Made EasyMusic Theory Made Easy is a simple, easy to follow course that teaches you the fundamentals and how to apply it in your every day playing.  By understanding the theory behind the riffs, licks, songs and chord progressions that you learn, you can will have the freedom to play any song in any style, have the confidence to jam with other musicians and write your own music.

real world soloing dvd setReal World Soloing is a 5 DVD course that teaches you two primary objectives

  1. Develop the skills and techniques to play any guitar solo over any song in any style of music.
  2. Learn your favorite guitar solos in HALF the time.

Real World Soloing is the PRACTICAL approach to learning how to master lead guitar

songfireSongFire is a 3 DVD course that teaches you how to end the frustration of learning the guitar and jam with your favorite tunes using a proven 4 step method. Songfire teaches you how to use your ears and the auditory part of your brain to quickly figure out the basic structure of a song and then apply that so you can play that song.

gsmc-247x300Guitar Soloing Masterclass is an 8 week interactive masterclass focusing on soloing techniques.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to become a complete, well-rounded guitarist who can play solos from scratch, sound confident in your lead playing and have the ability to string together licks and phrases for an awesome sounding improvised jam!

Modes Made Easy Logo 2Modes Made Easy provides a personal 6 week course to help you truly understand the modes and how you can use them to create solos like your guitar heroes. You’ll learn everything you need to know to become a complete, well-rounded guitarist who can play solos from scratch, sound confident in your lead playing by unlocking the mysteries of the modes.



Steve Stine's 96 Blues Licks96 Blues Licks is in the same style of 96 Rock Licks but with a blues flavor.  96 Blues Licks is a 9 DVD course that comes with jam tracks, book and a recording of each lick.  Play blues solos like your favorite guitarists including Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and Eric Clapton.

caged made simple 2CAGED Made Simple is a 3 DVD course that teaches you how to break out of the rut of playing cowboy chords and box shaped scales.  Caged Made Simple will show you how to use the CAGED system to turn 5 chords in to 60 and allow you to visualize the fretboard in a way that will allow you to break out of the standard box shapes and improvise solos across the entire fretboard.

kids rock guitarKids Rock Guitar provides a complete overview to various styles including rock, pop, jazz, blues, ballads, country, and more that is geared toward guitar students in the age range of 7-16 years old. But many adult guitarists use this course to either start learning for the first time or as a refresher. The course is great for any “kid” whether he’s 7 or 70!

Play Blues Now bookPlay Blues Now is an 8 DVD set that teaches you the essential rhythms, techniques, lead guitar skills, chords etc to make a competent blues guitar player out of you.  If you have ever wanted to learn how to play blues guitar, this is the course that will take you there.  Play Blues Now is for the guitarist who wants to play authentic blues guitar. If you've got some chops and you've just always wanted to play the blues but didn't know how to get started, this is perfect for you. Or, If you can already play the blues and you want to go back and learn everything from the ground-up the right way, then you'll love this course.  

SoloFireIn SoloFire you will discover how to create solos and master playing lead guitar in Blues & Rock. Learn all the must-know solo skills, transposition, secrets to gliding, and play all the most important scales including major, minor, pentatonic and blues.

Ultimate Chops BuilderIn Ultimate Chops Builder, Steve walks you through various technique building exercises to help you play anything and everything better on the guitar.

Unlike a genre specific course or a rhythm vs lead course etc, the topics covered in Ultimate Chops Builder apply to any type of music, rhythm, lead, etc.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to become a complete, well-rounded guitarist who can play solos from scratch, sound confident in your lead playing and have the ability to string together licks and phrases for an awesome sounding improvised jam!

80s GSMCIn 80's Guitar Soloing Masterclass, you will learn how to play Both rhythm and lead guitar like your favorite 80's guitar players such as Slash, George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai!

In his popular masterclass format, Steve gives YOU, his student, personal attention and superior guitar lessons where you will learn how to play like some of the biggest, loudest, fastest and most influential guitar players ever!

Thunder Rock Riffs DVDIn Thunder Rock Riffs Learn the secrets behind how iconic sounding riffs in a variety of genres are created.In addition to learning what goes in to creating killer riffs, Steve will walk you through the process of writing your own riffs as you create and jam along with him.

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